Types of tourism in Australia

Beach recreation. The main place for lovers of this type of recreation is the Gold Coast, the area between Sydney and Brisbane. There are 40 kilometers of sandy beaches along the coast. It’s all ready for action and fun: https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/travelling, golf courses, amusement parks, safaris, nightclubs and discos.

Diving. The Great Barrier Reef is a Mecca for diving enthusiasts. Here they can see 90% of the corals known to science, and admire the huge variety of fish, which dwells on the reef of nearly 200 species. Of extreme entertainment – the descent in a cage to the great white sharks. There are up to 500 islands around the reef, many of them have tourist infrastructure.

Excursions and ecotourism. Australia’s unique nature gives inquisitive travelers an inexhaustible source of experiences. Lively interest in tourists and familiarity with the lives of Aboriginal people, who have managed to maintain their unique culture and customs of their ancestors. Often indigenous people refuse to live in the houses provided to them by the government because the Aboriginal people should live in the open air

Safari. These days it is not a brutal hunt, but the admiration of nature in a comfortable environment – tourists travel in air-conditioned jeeps, and camp for the night guides prepare in advance.

Surfing. For fans of this sport, Australia offers a choice of two oceans and waves of every difficulty.

Downhill skiing. Lovers of downhill skiing find an excellent ski resort on the island of Tasmania, on the Ben Lomond Plateau. You can go skiing from July to September. All equipment can be rented, and for beginners will help an instructor. The plateau itself is very beautiful, it is a national park, where alpine fauna and flora are protected.

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