Costs of Travelling


How much does it cost to travel long term?

Well, there is no real exact answer. Everyone travels differently, have different needs/wants and have different overheads to calculate into their budgets.

Obviously a few kids can add a few extra $’s to the budget and it all depends on where you are and what activities you decide to do. And of course WHEN- for example school holidays and public holidays can really put a dint into the budget too.

We get asked a fair bit about the costs involved in travelling full time like we do. Some people tend to think it must expensive and that doing it full-time must mean we have lots of money. Well, we aren’t rich and we do adhere to a strict budget which at times means we need to make sacrifices in some areas  of spending.

There is no such thing as a standard or average week on the road. One week we maybe out in the bush doing some “free camping” and keeping ourselves entertained around the camp, then the next week we may find ourselves staying at an expensive caravan park visiting lots of attractions. So as you can imagine it would be impossible to give a calculated cost to traveling.

The overheads of travelling are very similar I guess to those of a normal life in a house.

Fuel expenses ( a huge variable relative to the distance you wish to travel in a specific amount of time), Food, accommodation (another huge variable relative to your desire to free camp or stay at caravan parks- or both), Leisure Expenses (entertainment, attractions activities), Incidentals (medicine, repairs batteries clothing etc), Internet, Mobile Phones and other personal liabilities such as personal debts, credit cards, storage fees, mortgage etc.

Our personal situation meant we have decided to travel BEFORE buying a house and whilst we had no debts. This is the only way we would have been able to afford to travel.

In general caravan parks (for us) can vary from $25pn right up to $75pn in peak times.

We have paid as much as $2.08 per litre for diesel in remote areas

Here are a few things that we do to try and save money as we travel (and yes, some of it seems frugal):

  • Research and compare caravan parks and their rates. Find a park that doesnt charge for kids (or at least very little cost)
  • Ask caravan parks if they have any deals such as cheaper weekly rates or “pay 3, stay 4″ etc
  • We do our own washing in our washing machine (saves $3-$4 a load and with kids that can get quite pricey)
  • We sometimes opt for unpowered sites in caravan parks if only for a few days and use our house battery
  • If staying at a caravan park, make good use of the camp kitchen and use their bbq’s to cook (save your gas)
  • Look for free activities for the kids. Fishing, beach, walks, playgrounds or choose a caravan park with activities
  • We use Camps Australia Wide Books to find budget camping alternatives (bush camps etc)
  • We fill up fuel in larger towns where it is cheaper (including jerry cans if we know we are heading into remote places) And of course use super market fuel dockets.
  • Use rechargeable batteries where possible
  • Buy in bulk and use our Freshield storage containers to keep food fresh
  • We use a “Whats Up Downunder” travel saver card to get good deals on attractions
  • Be aware of any other discounts or deals offered through your club memberships. We find we get lots of discounts using our NRMA roadside card
  • Buy multi-park passes for theme parks and attractions to get a discount
  • Always have an “open ear” to other campers who may know some great tips
  • Join a Caravan Park Association. Big 4, Top Tourist, Family Parks etc and save up 10% on each stay
  • We buy National Park passes when we know we may be doing some camping or day visiting
  • Resist temptation to eat takeaway or at restaurants often. We treat our life on the road as if we were at home and cook wholesome family meals most nights.
  • We decide a budget for leisure activities and stick to it
  • We use napisan in our porta-loo instead of expensive chemicals (and it works well)
  • We use a Pre-Paid mobile phone so we only pay for the calls we use (there are sometimes full months when we have no reception and monthly contract charges would be wasted)
  • We carry a set of hair clippers and do our own haircuts (for Anthony & Cooper)

Click HERE to Download our FREE Budget Spread Sheet

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Use it to help plan your travels and keep track of your expenses.

The FREE spread sheet is easy to use and fully customisable to include YOUR expenses and INCOME streams. The formulas and calculations are done for you and gives you a simple snapshot of your spending.

Once downloaded- Select a budget type from the bottom tabs in the spread sheet (either weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your preference)