Waiting Out a Storm

Storms can hit anywhere, anytime and usually without a lot of notice. When out caravanning and camping you are certainly most vulnerable to the elements and a storm can easily wreck your camping trip. By taking a few precautions you can hopefully minimise the risk of your holiday being ruined by nasty weather. Here are a few simple ideas to keep in mind next time you head off.

First thing is to always keep an eye on the weather. Look out the window, listen to weather forecasts and stay on top of any weather warnings via the radio or the internet if you have access to it. If there is a chance that a storm is on its way let your fellow campers know too. Tidy up around your camp, put away all loose items and secure your vehicle. If you have an annex or an awning check your ropes and pegs (add more if needed). Always use good quality ropes and pegs- they will be the cheapest insurance policy you will ever own. Better yet roll your awning up just in case. Make sure your mobile phone is charged and that your radio and torches have good batteries installed. If the storm warnings are severe it may be a good idea to think about getting your rig ready in case of evacuation. Bad wind gusts and flooding can wreak havoc.

If a storm does hit stay, inside your van or in the safety of your vehicle till it passes, check for any damage that may have occurred and take photos for insurance purposes.  Check the well-being of your fellow campers and lend a hand if needed.

A great website for tracking the weather forecast and getting the latest warnings is the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) website. www.bom.gov.au

Be prepared and stay safe.

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