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Smoked Chicken legs in a camp oven! Just experimenting………

As you may have already guessed- we love smoked meats!

Today we wanted to try out our Bedourie Camp Oven to smoke some chicken legs. We used a portable single burner butane stove (on very very low heat of course).

We rigged up a smoking rack using 2 round cake cooling racks wired together to give us a 2 layer rack that was a perfect fit inside the camp oven.

We placed a layer of aluminium foil on the bottom for easy cleaning!

The key to a successful batch of smoked meats is always PREPARATION!

We soaked or “brined” the chicken legs in a mixture of cold water- 1/2 cup of table salt and 1/2 cup of sugar (dissolved). This process is known as “osmosis”. The salt water brine causes the meat tissues to open allowing for the smokey flavour to be absorbed during the smoking process. We let it soak in the brine for around 30 mins then took them out and let dry on a rack in the fridge for another 30mins.

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Whilst this was happening, we soaked the wood chips in some warm water (“Busmans Blend” from BCF- this stuff is getting expensive $7.95 for a small bag) . We like to soak the wood chips in water because it makes the wood chips produce lots of smoke at first and keeps the heat low in the beginning. We find it gives a richer smokier flavour to the meats. As the chips dry out, the heat inside the smoker rises and finishes the cooking process.

This is just our technique, many people will have different opinions on this idea!

We simply put 2 handfuls of wood chips in the middle of the camp oven (on the foil) and flattened it out evenly then placed the smoking rack of chicken legs inside.

We lit the butane burner and made sure the temperature was set as low as it could go. It took around 90 mins and half a can of butane to cook but was well worth it!

The Bedourie Camp Oven worked really well as a smoker! The chicken legs turned out really well. We brushed the finish product with some honey-soy mix and let them cool. I can see them ending up in a salad later on!


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