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Curried Sausages


12 Sausages

2 medium onions

3 Potatoes

1 Carrot

1 cup Broccoli

1 tin Coconut Cream

3 Tbsp. Flour

4 cups of water

Curry powder to taste.

Makes approx. 6 serves

Par-boil sausages then cut into bite size pieces. Chop the onions, potatoes, carrot and broccoli into small pieces.  Add the vegetables, 3 cups water and coconut cream to large inner pot bring to the boil. Slow boil for 5 minutes whilst stirring. Mix flour and curry powder with 1 cup of water, add to vegetables. Once it has thickened add the sausages and bring back to the boil for 3 minutes, transfer to Dreampot. Cook for at least 2 hours. Mix more flour and water to thicken if desired.

Serve with rice.


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