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Crispy Potato Coating (for fish or chicken)

Simple but tasty

Most of us have a packet of instant mashed potato in our camp pantry so here’s a little tip to try.  We love this instant mash- so easy, so creamy and so tasty and it has more than one purpose! Next time you want try something new with your fish or chicken, fresh or frozen but fresh is always best. Try coating it with some Instant Mashed potato flakes (we usually use DEB, but others brand works just as well). We season it with some salt & pepper and use a simple milk wash over the meat to help it stick first.

The flavour of the meat gets absorbed into the coating and crisps up nicely- better than breadcrumbs any day. Nice and light, tasty and so easy! We have also used extra herbs or spices in the mix too just to give some extra flavours.

A little olive oil (we sometimes simply use cooking spray) in a pan or on the BBQ on medium heat will have your meat sizzling in all of its crispy potato covered glory.

We have passed this tip on to many travellers where we received some funny looks at times, but have had lots of comments about how simple and tasty this little tip is!

Give it a try…..

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