Freshield Elite Vacuum Sealer

IMG_1962When we first started travelling, one of our biggest issues was trying to store our fresh food to ensure it stayed fresh, away from moisture and preventing it from spilling whilst travelling. The smell of marinated meat and seafood going through other foods inside the fridge, it was driving us crazy. We love remote camping for long periods of time- and we needed to be able to keep our meat fresher for longer too.

So what was our answer? Whether its meat, veges, fish, stews, soups etc. we now have the perfect solution for storing our food- A Freshield vacuum sealing machine! We had been looking at these for a while and they seemed like a great idea especially when heading bush away from shops and the availability of fresh food.

A Freshield vacuum sealer is a perfect way to keep in the flavour of marinated meats and it doesn’t allow the odours to waft throughout the fridge and in to the other foods inside the fridge.

The system consists of a main unit which requires 240v. You simply place the special bags containing your food onto the lip of the unit, close the lid and press a button- that’s it! Simple. The unit then sucks out all the air and heats the edge of the bag to ensure an air tight seal is formed. No more spillage, no more smells and the food will last much longer whilst retaining all of its nutrition and texture.

Since using our Freshield Vacuum Sealer and the Wizvac bags we have been able to divide up our meats etc. into portions and remove the air thus sealing in the moisture, freshness and nutrition of the foods whilst also making it easier to store in our fridge and freezer. One thing we have learnt whilst being on the road is to take advantage of buying our meat in bulk and stocking up when it’s on special before we leave on any extended trips. Our biggest restriction is space in our compact fridge. Like any portable fridge, ours could only hold so much! But when we divide our meat into meal sized portions and vacuum seal it, we are able to fit so much more in our freezer and we now enjoy being able to take advantage buying in bulk. This way we can still enjoy tasty meals whilst we are away.

By taking the air out, the food lasts up to 5 times longer too, so again it’s a perfect option when travelling and when you want to “go bush” for a while.

We like to buy our deli meats such as shaved ham and turkey when it’s on special too and divide it into lunch-sized portions, buy whole rumps and cut into steaks and seal them into handy portions. It’s also perfect for sausages, freshly caught fish, smoked meats etc. You can also seal up portion controlled pre-made meals like soup, stews etc. by freezing them in the bags and then sealing them.

Use the Freshield to seal up leftover potato chips, biscuits, lollies and frozen veges. Keep the moisture out; keep them fresh and ant-proof!

You can buy the sealer bags in 11” and 8” pre-cut sizes or you can purchase them in rolls and cut them to the size you need.

We are currently getting lots of use out of our vacuum sealer whilst on the road but we can see it being really handy back at home too. One of our best investments so far!

Our Rating:

3 stars

For more info visit their website at or see a video demonstration of the Freshield system here: Video Demonstration

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Freshield Elite Vacuum sealer

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