10 Reasons To Travel


10.       To experience diversity. Australia is a diverse island country. The eastern states boast pristine beaches and lush sub-tropical rainforests. The Top End is so unique where nothing can prepare you for the amazing sights and natural arid landscapes, the heat, the humidity and the remoteness you encounter. But it doesn’t stop there- Western Australia is a HUGE state and home to The Kimberly’s, The Pilbara and The Coral Coast which all appeal to our hunger for adventure and a chance to get snap-happy with the camera. And then there’s the seafood of the Eyre Peninsula, the spiritual connections of Uluru and the historic charms of western NSW. And lets not forget the multiple wine regions scattered all over. We would much prefer to see and experience all these fantastic attractions this country has to offer before ever leaving our shores to venture overseas. Its all on our very own doorstep.

9.       It keeps you active. Travelling keeps you active, both in mind and body. You are never stationary, always something new to learn, absorb or think about. Take bush walks, go fishing, socialising, browsing new places……………You will find yourself never wanting to be idle. Its exciting and  it really motivates you to be active. I guess that’s why you see so many grey nomads out there fit as a fiddle with their full wits and cheeky senses of humour. The travelling lifestyle must be doing wonders for them.

8.      Time out from the “norm”. To  escape the mundane lifestyle of repetition and predictable events that you are hostage to in normal everyday life (job, mortgage, routine etc.). Sure the security of predictability is re-assuring for many but imagine taking some extended time to explore and experience new things and at the same time see some of the world’s most beautiful natural attractions right here on our doorstep. It’s the perfect way to “reset the clock” on life and perhaps instil a new perspective and re-prioritise your lifestyle.

7.       Stepping outside your comfort zone. A time will eventually come where you just need a “push” (some people need an outright shove) to get out of that rut that you’ve been in for as long as you can remember. Nothing will be more effective in opening your eyes to new things than some time spent out on the open road. There is something new around every corner. New people to meet in every town and some new adventures to experience wherever you go that just couldn’t present themselves back home. Every day is an opportunity when on the road travelling. Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself. come join us.

6.       Time with the family. If you have a young family there are countless reasons to take some time to travel Oz. Natures wonderland and the classroom of infinite knowledge. Whilst everyone else’s kids are in school learning about native animals, your kids can be out there taking photos of them, feeding them or even handling them (only the cute and cuddly ones of course). And nothing brings a family closer together like some extended time in a tent or caravan. You will learn so much more about each other and develop some new understandings of what makes each other tick. (it may not always be fun and games but that’s all a learning experience too). A great way to strengthen relationships.

5.      Making Memories. Take lots of photos, meet lots of people, try new things, see new places. Money can’t buy those things. But some time out on the road will give you countless opportunities to do all of that. You and your family will have so many stories to tell and share with each other (and everyone else) for many years to come. It sure beats a 2 week trip away in Bali! (which seems to be a popular thing to do these days).

 4.      Opportunity. Do it whilst you can. Australia has it all. Climate, space and beauty- but for how much longer can we still enjoy it? Bureaucracy and political influences may see the ability to travel freely, safely and on a budget disappear. Who knows what lies around the corner? Don’t put it off. 250,000+ grey nomads can’t be wrong! And your health is never guaranteed. Dont hold off any longer. There are very few countries where you can travel and explore as freely and safely as you can here in Oz.

 3.       It’s the ultimate classroom.  Develop your knowledge base and become “cultured”. Get out there and learn. Since we have been on the road not only has our “worldly”  knowledge been vastly stimulated but also our knowledge of native animals, bird and fish species, the weather system and patterns, river systems, geological developments, our mining history, the gold rush, aboriginal cultures, early explorers, ship wrecks, local industries etc. So much better than sitting at home and reading about it! It really is a classroom out there for everyone. What a great way to make learning fun.

2.        It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s affordable (despite what many people think) and it’s patriotic! Spend some coin and stimulate the economy of small towns that depend on your custom. Some are quirky, some are weird and some are downright memorable. Live a little and hit the road soon!

1.       FREEDOM. Our #1 reason for travelling Oz has to be the freedom we get to enjoy. No itinerary, no set plans, nothing holding us down. Choosing a new camp every few days. Taking the road less travelled, flipping a coin to make all our important decisions. Nothing has to be taken seriously. It’s all about the journey and NEVER about the destination. With good research, a sense of humour and some great company. Surely you don’t need 10 reasons to get out there.

A quote by J.R.R. Tolkien that I find hard to forget and find myself reciting quite often in my head.

” Not all those who wander are lost”

so very true!


NB- The above “top 10″ list is OUR OWN PERSONAL idea of why travelling Australia is great- “for us”. It takes into consideration our own personal agendas for travel and desires to learn about specific subjects.