Vacuum Sealing Food

We all love to save money right? And when we are on the road it’s no different. Buying in bulk has always been a great way to save money and with a bit of thought with regards to meal planning and food storage, taking advantage of bulk buying when travelling is still possible.

Firstly, investing in a GOOD set of air-tight plastic containers (we use the Freshield Canister system) you can keep food fresher for longer. My suggestion is to Invest in a vacuum sealing machine too which will enable to you to cryovac your own food. Cryovacing your food involves using a special plastic pouch with your food inside, removing the air and sealing the opening to make it air-tight, sealing in the flavours and nutrition and makes the food able to be stored for much longer periods of time- up to 5 times longer than normal storage in most cases. Many butchers offer this service too!

There is not much sense buying lots of fresh food without an efficient way to store it. So the above is a very important consideration.

Thinking ahead about menus and quantities will make sure you buy enough food, but not too much and run the risk of it spoiling or it going to waste- so have a rough plan for your upcoming meals. It will also help with working out the storage space needed and gets you thinking about meals that can be cooked in bulk and portioned for future use (casseroles, corned meat, soups etc.). This can save you time especially on the long days when you have been travelling or just out enjoying long day trips. All your meals will be cooked, prepared and they only need re-heating.

We like to take advantage of cooking these bulk meals when we have access to power etc. in a caravan park (or before leaving home) in case our plans are to travel into remote areas. For eg- if we plan to be at in the bush for 10 days, we can plan a menu and buy the food in bulk, prepare meals and portion them to be frozen, ready to heat up after busy days exploring and having fun. No more relying on boring canned meals and 2 minute noodles! The plus side is that most meals can be re-heated in boiling water in the plastic pouch itself- you then still have clean hot water for you to wash the dishes in without wasting water or needing to re-heat it.

I know for us, having meals pre-prepared in our freezer helps us resist the temptation of expensive take-away as an easy option for when we don’t feel like cooking. Furthermore- saves money!

Having a way to store to your food for longer will give you more opportunities to purchase greater quantities of fresh local produce, meat and vegetables that are on special and you are not having to shop as often which is fantastic for those who love being away from it all for extended periods of time.

I know from our personal budget, cold deli meats for sandwiches are a big cost. We all love fresh chicken or ham and salad sandwiches for lunch but it’s often very expensive, even more so in some regional areas. We look for opportunities to buy deli meats on special or at cheap prices and try to grab a week or two supply and store it in our vacuum bags. We defrost a portion as needed- it stays a fresh as it was when we first put it in.

We recommend the Freshield canister system mainly because of the quality. The canisters are very robust, seal really well and have a date-dial on top so we can keep track of when the food was put inside.

Check out their range of food storage systems- perfect for travellers!

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