The Grey Devils Den

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, one of the best things about travelling in a caravan or camper is meeting fantastic people either at campsites or in caravan parks. It was during our stay near Melbourne where we met another great couple who were slowly making their way back over to their home state of Tassie for a visit to loved ones.

Brian and Carolyn are from the Central Highlands of Tasmania and have been on the road for 18 months. So far they have crossed the Nullarbor, visited Kalgoorlie, and meandered their way up the East Coast of Australia to the tip of Cape York. Brian showed me his Hema road atlas where he had been tracing their travels and these guys had really given QLD a good “going over”. But they both admitted there was still so much to see. (Carol) “After suffering from a stroke, you never know what tomorrow brings”. This is a great reason we like to promote the travelling lifestyle to all ages as you just never know what is around the next corner.

Brian and Carolyn laughingly admitted to not getting any younger and unfortunately have had a few health problems. These were the driving forces that helped make the decision for them to have a go at full time travel whilst they were still able to enjoy the active lifestyle travelling provides.

Having no set timetable and being able to do as you please without any pressure was a lifestyle they are both really enjoying.

During a hot afternoon’s conversation around our vans we started sharing our most favourite places so far and we both agreed the Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas were right up there on the list. Brian and Carol added Portland (Vic), Cooktown (Qld) and Mt Surprise to the list but I don’t have the room to list the many other great towns they had visited during their time on the road.

These guys are absolute proof that there is something to enjoy out there for everyone, from the young to the young at heart. They have seen Lake Eyre and Cape York by plane, went swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, played golf along the Nullarbor and even climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I nearly broke out in a sweat just listening to all of their adventures. Brian and Carol were really making the most of their time finding out exactly just “what’s up, downunder”.

Brian and Carols rig was pretty impressive. They were serious about being fully self-sufficient. Their trusty Nissan patrol was nicely kitted out as a touring vehicle and it had plenty of grunt to pull their 25ft Cell Viewfinder caravan which has the eye-catching v-nose design which impressively housed a front kitchen area. We were given a tour of their van and were really impressed with the room and “smart” design of the internals, making efficient use of every space.

They have aptly named their rig “the grey devils den”, a play on words no doubt with reference to their Tasmanian beginnings.

If you ever see these guys out on the road I’m sure they’d love to share a yarn with you.

Photos by Carol Garwood